Ragnar Skjótrson - Jarl

Leader/Jarl of Wodens Hearth born 840AD near Oseberg I traveled to western England in 869AD to find my own land and hearth. However I was drawn into war with Ivarr the Boneless, Ubbi and Halfdan later settling in East Anglia. I created a Hearth under what would be known in later times as the Danelaw in a village now known as Medeshamstede. I brought a several loyal men and my Huscarl Grimm from Denmark, and met Gunnar a Rus trader who helped me to establish our hearth. In a short time it swelled to include some of the native Angles who had sworn loyalty to me.





Grimm - Armourer/Huscarl

I am Grimm born in Denmark, my father was a warrior in the Great Heathen Army. I was born in 846AD and learned the ways of a warrior from my father and went on my first raid with my father to Jorvik, there we met a great Saxon army where my father was killed with a sword through the throat sending him to Valhalla. After beating the smelly Saxon's at Jorvik I headed west with two friends Floki and Ivor, we were ambushed and my friends were killed, and I was taked prisoner by local Saxon's. I escaped killing a number of them before travelling south to East Anglia and met up with friends that had settled there, becoming a member of the hearth.






Gunnar inn Rauğr - Rus Trader/Huscarl

I am Gunnar born in 840 and from Gotland. My father is a local trader, my mother is a Jarls daughter and in my younger days I went trading with my dad to the lands of the Rus. Since my parents have now departed and being the third son I followed my fathers footsteps and started trading with the Rus. Back in Denmark in 870 whilst trading with the Danes I arranged passage to Birka, however ended up in Mercia and met up with Grimm during a raid on a local settlement. Shared a beer and was invited to join the Hearth.






Ashildr sú-ulfr - Warrior










Torbjorn inn Lodinn- Warrior










Sigurd inn Drukkr - Warrior

I am known as Sigurd the drunk, where I came from I know not, how old I am I know not. The hearth found me passed out in the pig pen with a large lump on my head and a pouch of coin.

Upon his recovery he was given a chance to prove himself and as such became a valued hunter and warrior, being quite adept with a bow.







Bjorn - Warrior

I am Bjorn and I was born in Denmark in 850AD, my father was a blacksmith. In 870AD I ventured into the wilderness to gain experience, whereupon a Rus trader named Gunnar found me unconcious next to a Bear.

We became close friends and on his next trip back to England he introduced me to Jarl Ragnar of Wodens Hearth who upon hearing of my skills set me up as a Blacksmith and in time I became a valued warrior.







Olaf - Warrior











I am Thorstein, born in the harsh winter of 847AD. I am of Norwegian descent, my father was a trader in our small village and my mother a maid.

Times became hard and with little left to trade we came to the City of Jorvik where as a young boy I learned basic fighting skills and fought the Saxons.

Barely making it out alive we fled to East Anglia where I met a fresh faced young warrior by the name of Bjorn who took me back to the hearth where I was introduced to Grimm, thus learning the art of warfare.





















Combatants: Ragnar Skjótrson, Gunnar inn Rauğr, Grimm, Bjorn, Torbjorn inn Lodinn, Ashildr sú-ulfrr, Sigurd inn Drukkr, Olaf, Thorstein, Haldar, Vidarr, Svend, Brynhildr.

Non Combatants: Astrid, Modir.

Mercenary: Brynhildr, Ashildr sú-ulfrr.

Children: Lagertha, Gunhildr, Sven

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