Ragnar Skjótrson - Jarl

Leader/Jarl of Wodens Hearth born 840AD near Oseberg I traveled to western England in 869AD to find my own land and hearth. However I was drawn into war with Ivarr the Boneless, Ubbi and Halfdan later settling in East Anglia. I created a Hearth under what would be known in later times as the Danelaw in a village now known as Medeshamstede. I brought a several loyal men and my Huscarl Grimm from Norway, and met Gunnar a Rus trader who helped to establish a hearth. In a short time it swelled to include some of the native Angles who had sworn loyalty to me.




Thora - Healer/Elder

I am Thora and I have a son, Kirk is his name. We lived in a village in the Uppland, and have been taught the way of herbs and wild plants by my mother. Myself and Kirk went for a walk in the morning into local woods to collect some herbs, blackberry (a red dye), and some elfwort (a blue dye from the root). We spent a long time in the woods and as it was getting dark, we made our way back to the village. As we got closer we could hear the sound of swords clashing, we ran back into the woods. In the morning we went back to the village, there was no one alive apart from my dog Aska (Dee). We had to go so I collected some salted meat and fish for our long walk and other things we may need. We walked for a long time and found a cave we could stay in. The next day we came across Ragnar Langfottir who enquired as to our story and suggested we travel with him. After we had reached a far land were we hoped to be safe, there was a small skirmish and we helped to care for the warriors wounds, allowing us to join Wodens Hearth.







Grimm - Armourer/Huscarl

I am Grimm born in Denmark, my father was a warrior in the Great Heathen Army. I was born in 846AD and learned the ways of a warrior from my father and went on my first raid with my father to Jorvik, there we met a great Saxon army where my father was killed with a sword through the throat sending him to Valhalla. After beating the smelly Saxon's at Jorvik I headed west with two friends Floki and Ivor, we were ambushed and my friends were killed, and I was taked prisoner by local Saxon's. I escaped killing a number of them before travelling south to East Anglia and met up with friends that had settled there, becoming a member of the hearth.






Gunnar inn Rauğr - Rus Trader/Huscarl

I am Gunnar born in 840 and from Gotland. My father is a local trader, my mother is a Jarls daughter and in my younger days I went trading with my dad to the lands of the Rus. Since my parents have now departed and being the third son I followed my fathers footsteps and started trading with the Rus. Back in Denmark in 870 whilst trading with the Danes I arranged passage to Birka, however ended up in Mercia and met up with Grimm during a raid on a local settlement. Shared a beer and was invited to join the Hearth.






Einarr - Warrior







Ashildr sú-ulfr - Warrior










Torbjorn inn Lodinn- Warrior










Sigurd inn Drukkr









































Combatants: Ragnar Skjótrson, Gunnar inn Rauğr, Grimm, Einarr, Bjorn, Torbjorn inn Lodinn, Ashildr, Sigurd inn Drukkr, Olaf, Toki, Haldar.

Non Combatants: Thora, Astrid, Kata, Gyrd, Scrog

Levy: Thorstein, Floki.

Children: Freya, Aesa

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