Events 2021

History Alive 26/27th June

Our Viking Heritage 11th July

Framlingham Castle 21/22nd August

Aberlermo, Scotland 28-30 August

Weald Country Park Show 25/26th September

Anglo Saxon and Viking Festival 16/17th October


Events 2020

Framlingham Country Show 4-5th April

Our Viking Heritage Sunday 10th May

Isle of Wight Fort Wolfholme 23-25th May

Thai Festival of Food 13-14th June

History Alive 27-28th June

Age of Penda Show 30th July TBC

Vikings Attack Buster Farm 19-20th September

Viking and Saxon Festival 17th October

All 2020 Events Cancelled due to Covid Restrictions.


We do two basic events that involve different aspects of the group

Outdoor Public Events

We offer a range of Living history that includes weaving, dyeing, basic foodstuffs and cooking, herbs and basic surgery and a weaponry display. And various scenarios involving combat between our members that is as realistic as possible within our strict safety rules.

We can also offer to the public Have a go Archery as an extra attraction.

School Shows

With these events we concentrate on the Living History where we offer a number of different displays.

History - A basic history of the Viking Era including the period that Wodens Hearth is set and the area it is set in.

Food - Raw ingredients, cooked food, wild and cultivated vegetables, berries and meat.

Household - A variety of items used within the Viking age for weaving, sewing, healing etc

Textiles - Tablet, Heddle, Lucet and Trollen Wheel with dyes and how they were used

Viking Runes and Mythology - A discussion of their use and origins and relationship to modern day English. The mythology of the Norse gods and their relationship to the runes, and the telling of a related saga.

Herbs and Surgery - An overview of what herbs were used and surgical tools were needed.

Weapon Display - showing a variety of weapons and armour and their use, and associated battle tactics


If you are interested in booking us for Living History or Combat Event etc, please call or email Paul Sykes or Tel:01733 768799 or contact us at    or see our follow me on facebook page


Videos can be found on ourYouTube Channel Wodens Hearth Viking Group

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