Viking and Saxon Re-enactment Group

We are a Living History and Battle re-enactment group based around the Medeshamstede Abbey at the time of invasion by Halfdan and Ubbi in 870AD. The Abbey was ransacked and possibly destroyed at this time but was later rebuilt as Peterborough Abbey later becoming a Cathedral and City. This is our main scenario and is only part of what we offer as a group, as we range from the middle of the 9th Century to the end of the 10th Century giving life to ancient history. 

We have a number of encampments throughout the year and we are the premier living history group in the Peterborough and Cambridgeshire area. For further information please check out our events page.

Our battle group side are called the Warriors of Jormungandr after the great serpent that encircled the world in the Norse Mythology. If you would like to take part in the Living History or Battle Re-enactment please check out the Training Page, or visit the group site on Facebook

We also have a You Tube Channel Wodens Hearth Viking Group

Jormungandr Rekkr