The Constitution 


1.     The Club

1.1       The group are known as Wodens Hearth

1.2       Minimum number of members for group to exist will be three.


2.     Aims and Objectives

2.1       Wodens Hearth is a Viking and Anglo Saxon culture society, exploring the cultural and spiritual traditions of the Norse, Viking and Northern Tradition/Paths.

2.2       It will promote awareness of these traditions through Re-enactment of the Living History and Combat Displays, publications and publicity material.


3.     Membership

3.1       Wodens Hearth is essentially a Norse/Anglo Saxon based reenactment society based within the modern day area of Peterborough, known then as Medeshampstede.

Rules and Regulations – General


  1. Shields can be taken home as part of a warriors kit but will remain the property of the group.
  2. All members must own or borrow appropriate clothing for shows
  3. All members should respect and treat each other civility at all times.
  4. Any actions that are deemed malicious against another member or the public will result in a combat ban immediately and will be dealt with at the most appropriate Thing
  5. Actions when in Kit will be subject to the rule of the Jarl in keeping with the Living History we are portraying a group from the the period of 870AD.
  6. Safety is an overall consideration and all activities between members and with the public must not endanger them.
  7. Kit must be worn at all times within the period the public are present and members should arrive at all musters on time and in full kit.
  8. No offensive language or gesture are allowed during show times and are discouraged during camps.
  9. No member should use a weapon they are not trained in as this contravenes rule 6 and no younger member can carry weapons unless authorised to do so.
  10. Anyone under the age of 16 must have a Parental Consent Form and be assigned a guardian or have a parent present at all times.
  11. Any disciplinary action will be taken under the direction of the Thing, however the ruling decision will lie with the founding members.
  12. A Thing will be held once a year or when a disciplinary is required.


Living History


  1. All combatants must wear padded gloves at training and brown leather gloves when at shows, this is part of the kit they must have.
  2. All members of the public will be treated with respect and civility at all times during shows and training.
  3. All tent interiors that are open during a show will be on display to the public.
  4. Female characters can use weapons and a bow as appropiate per the scenario.
  5. All non authentic items should be removed from view during a show before opening times.
  6. All members can be expected to help with clearing the site or setting up.
  7. No fires can be lit without the organisers/owners permission and set up accordingly to their requirements. Only dead wood and lumpwood charcoal can be used for a fire. No fire can be allowed to left unattended at  any time and should be securely when the public are on site.
  8. All pets and working animals are the owners resposbility at all times. They must be kept on a lead or suitably confined so as not to cause a nuisance, and any mess associated with them are the owners reponsbility.
  9. Any rules set up by the organiser supersede the groups rules and must be obeyed at all times.
  10. Traders can set up using authentic trades and goods with the permission of the groups founders.




  1. All blows to target areas must be controlled to avoid injury, malicious blows will be subject to disciplinary action.
  2. All blows should simulate real combat where possible and be drawn across to allow knowledge of the blow.
  3. Thrusts are to the torso area only and with the flat of the blade.
  4. All blows must be reacted to accordingly see armour rules.
  5. When wounded drop the weapon or shield safely.
  6. All people on the battlefield are viable targets unless they are not wearing gloves or previously stated.
  7. If you are wounded as part of the scenario you can return to the battle but must act appropriately for your wound.
  8. All combat must stay within the roped areas, if to close to the public back away to a safer area.
  9. Be conscious of your surroundings, be battle aware, do not step on people if they are dead or drop weapons if it will hit someone.
  10. When finishing off, act appropriately but remeber the following points

A)    No weapon should be drawn across the bare skin.

B)    Throats should only be cut using a seax or a langseax.

C)    Swords and axes are used to hack but only to be used after safety training

D)    Spears can be used as a thrusting kill only under appropriate conditions.

  1. To gain warrior or villager status you must have a full set of clothing and weapons or craft tools appropriate to your status.
  2. Weapons should not be carried in public unless being used specificall as part of a display or being transported to and from a display. Weapons should be kept secure and covered when being transported.
  3. No weapon should be used against a member of the public or members not trained to receive attacks or are not expecting an attack.
  4. Do not use weapons in an area where the public’s property could be damaged.
  5. No alcohol or drugs can be consumed before or during an event.
  6. Headshots must be recorded and reported to the Jarl and could result in disciplinary action if three or more occur in a season.
  7. All weapons must be deburred before each show and training session and will be checked by the training officer.
  8. Combatants can only use weapons they are trained in for display and combat.




  1. All members must pay relevant dues and insurance to continue as part of the group.
  2. No items purchased from the group will be handed over until paid in full unless prior agreement has been made.
  3. The accounts will be given as part of the newsletter at least once a year.

      4.     Equal Opportunities   

4.1       No member will be treated less favourably than another on the grounds of sex (including gender reassignment), marital or parental status, race, creed, ethnic or national origin, colour, disability, sexual orientation, religion/belief, or age.

      5.     Officers and Members of the Committee

5.1      The Chairman

5.2     The Committee shall select a Chairman, who must be a Full member of Wodens Hearth.

5.3       The Chairman will be voted in prior to each meeting and will ensure preparation of the Agenda for next meeting and Minutes are correct for the meeting he/she chaired.  His duties not deemed complete until this is done.

5.4       The Chairman will only vote where there is a split decision and will have casting vote.

5.5       Will provide the public face for Wodens Hearth.

5.6     Treasurer

5.7       The Committee shall select the Treasurer, who will serve for one years initially.

5.8       Thereafter, the appointment to be approved annually by the Committee.

5.9       In the event of the resignation of the Treasurer, the Committee will select a new Treasurer.

5.10     The Treasurer will keep Woden Hearth accounts and present them for examination at AGM or as and when requested.

5.11     The Treasurer will provide up to date details of how the accounts are going at each meeting and collect membership fees at meetings.

5.12     The Secretary

5.13     The Committee shall select the Secretary at the AGM, who must be a Full member of Wodens Hearth and will serve for one year initially.

5.14     Thereafter, the appointment to be approved annually by the Committee.

5.15     In the event of the resignation of the Secretary, the Council will select a new Secretary.






CHAIRMAN  Chris - Grimm

TREASURER Paul Sykes - Ragnar Langfottir






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